What is Flightor?

Dozens of new flights at unbeatable prices are offered every day in the world.
We watch them for you and here are the latest offers.

What is Flightor?

We love to travel and we want you to travel too! Flightor is a travel website with a difference. This isn't just a website where you can find one or two good flights. We search a large number of servers with travel deals and collect them for you in one place. There's no need to check multiple websites on your own. Here you can find plane tickets, hotel deals and, even package holidays. Every day you can find new offers. And when you know exactly where you want to fly to, we can help through Watchdog. The Watchdog service helps you pinpoint the best options for your specific needs. See How does Watchdog work? for more details!

How does Watchdog work?

Watchdog is your eyes and ears for the best deal to the destination you are interested in. You know where you want to travel, but you don't want to spend hours searching for the best deals. Let us do it for you! Setting up Watchdog is easy.

  1. Enter your email address so we can contact you directly with the best deals.
  2. Enter the airport you will be departing from and the destination you want to arrive to.
  3. Finally give us the maximum price you are willing to pay for the ticket.
  4. Do you have prefered travel period? Set dates range between which you want to travel.
  5. Submit the request. You will receive a confirmation request email. Confirm the request and you are on your way to finding the ideal trip! Then Flightor will do the work for you.

Where and how do we find cheap flights?

We do search servers for all around the world. Our programmers create virtual robots which scrape travel blogs, flight aggregators and flight sellers and collect the information in our database. We do use inside information from people who work at the airports and travel agencies and get first hand info from them. Time to time we find some mistakenly set price - seller makes mistake by publishing wrong price - those mistakes do not last long, so it's important to decide and buy immediately.

What types of deals do we publish?

We do not put all the "cheap" tickets at our site. Sometimes price published by seller as a deal is not actualy a discount. We follow prices for many years now, so we can say which price is actualy good deal and which is not. We even follow trends and seasonal statistics to say if the ticket is real great deal.


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