If you want to add your own link with your affiliate,
just add a few tags to your rss feed.

Add a button with your own affiliate

Buy link



a two-digit language code in which the names of the sources / destinations are entered (if it is not specified, EN is assumed)


the three-digit currency code of the currency in which prices are entered (if it is not specified, EUR is assumed)

ft:type required

type of deal, possible values: "roundtrip", "oneway", "multicity", "openjaw", "package", "tour", "hotel"

ft:source required

departure/source place/IATA of source airport, not required for ft:type="hotel"

ft:destination required

arrival/destination/IATA of destination airport

ft:price required

price (it is possible to enter price range "1000-1200"), if no currency is set, EUR is assumed

ft:date required

range of dates the deal is valid, for example "201709-201710" (means September to October 2017) or "20170928-20171008" (means 28th of September to 8th of October 2017)


carrier/airline (name or IATA)


travel class: "economy", "bussiness", "first" (only for deal type "roundtrip", "oneway", "multicity", "openjaw", "package")


board: "breakfast", "halfboard", "fullboard", "allinclusive" (only for deal type "package", "tour", "hotel")


accommodation stars: number from 0 to 5 (only for deal type "package", "tour", "hotel")


rent/hire "car", "motorcycle", "bicycle", "boat" (only for deal type "package")


the link(s) for purchase with your affiliate. If there is only a link, it is assumed that it is the exact date range, source / target of the action and price

it's possible to set more links for purchase (with different dates) then it's necessary to set dates, price and/or source/destination in the link


<ft:buy>destination|price|date_from-date_to|url</ft:buy> (pouze pro "hotel")


1) Plane ticket from Prague to London for 1000 czech crowns from September to October