About us

Flightor is the online world of travel deals for all travel lovers searching for independent or package holiday. We provide the largest worldwide special travel offers, including flight tickets, hotels and holiday packages. Flightor is collecting the largest number of travel deals and presents you with immediately updated results.

Who are we?

We are travelers. We love getting on a plane and landing in a new place. We love getting lost, walking through cities and forest and over mountains. And we love doing all this for as little money as possible. That is why we established Flightor. We are a small team who work in our free time on this project because we have one passion: Travel. We are here to save you time and money, and we are looking forward to seeing where Flightor will take you! Happy travels! 

Oliver - strategic consultant

Oliver is a nomad by upbringing, not by choice. Currently with no fixed abode, he helps the Flightor team prioritise tasks based on the 80/20 principle, and to leverage the team strengths to move forwards with clarity.

Vláďa - programmer

Vlada dreams of sitting on the beach with a laptop. He has the heart of a digital nomad. But when he's not on the beach, he's in Prague programming and planning his next trip. Vlada has moved to Prague after his studies. He's been to every country in the EU and would like to move to Tenerife.

Honza - design

Where there is an adventure, there is Honza. He's always been interested in exploring the far corners of the earth to find new mountains, valleys, lakes and beaches. He loves meeting new people, learning about their culture and food. If there's an opportunity to take the path less traveled, that's where he'll buy the plane ticket. He grew up in South Bohemia. He moved to Prague for university, where he still happily lives. He is responsible for the layout of the Flightor website.

Lukáš - profesional traveller

Lukas likes to be on the move. He's been traveling since he was able to crawl. He's visited more than 70 countries. His dream is to visit all the coutries in the world. He now lives in Prague where he works in aviation.

Tasci - marketing, social media

Tasci has always dreamed of traveling. As a kid, growing up in Ohio, she read all the picture books in the library about other countries; as a teen she traveled on volunteer trips to Asia, South America and Europe; as an adult she has lived in Prague teaching Business English. She spends every spare minute and penny exploring the world. When she isn't in a classroom or on a plane she is busy working on Flightor's social media and marketing projects.

Flightor team